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  • I am 50 years old. Do I need to have I.D. to purchase items from your store?

    Yes. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase items, and we require a valid I.D. for everyone under 40 to make purchases. No exceptions.

  • If I am 21+ with valid I.D., can I have an under 21 companion accompany me into the store?


  • Where can I legally smoke cannabis or consume cannabis products?

    WA state law prohibits use or consumption of cannabis products in “view of the public.” Keep in mind that “no smoking” areas also prohibit smoking cannabis.

  • Can I smoke cannabis or consume cannabis products and drive a car?

    It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with a level of 5 nanograms per milliliter of THC in the blood, as detected by a blood draw.

  • I will be visiting from out of state. Can I still purchase recreational cannabis in Washington State?

    Yes, if you are age 21+.

  • How do I get to your store?

    From South / Seattle Area (route includes a ferry)
    Take either I-5 N or I-405 N, then WA-525 N to Clinton-Mukilteo ferry terminal in Mukilteo. Take the ferry to Clinton. Continue straight 9.7 miles on WA-525 N, turn right onto E. Main St in Freeland. Continue 0.3 miles to Van Barr Pl, turn right into parking lot.

    From North / Oak Harbor
    Follow WA-20 W and WA-525 S to E Main St in Freeland. Turn right and continue 0.3 miles to Van Barr Pl. Turn right into parking lot.

  • What is the quantity of cannabis products I can purchase per visit?

    Per Washington state law, you may only hold one ounce of cannabis flower (28 grams), 7 grams of extract or concentrate for inhalation, 16 ounces of infused edible product in solid form, 72 oz. of infused edible in beverage form, and 72oz. of topicals.

  • Can I take my cannabis home if I live in another state or country?

    All cannabis and cannabis products purchased in Washington must be consumed in Washington.

  • Can I purchase cannabis products to resell?

    No, it is a violation of state and federal law. Only state licensed retailers may retail cannabis or cannabis products in Washington.

  • What is the return policy at Island Herb?

    We cannot accept returns or exchanges of product that has been opened or has left the Island Herb shop. Electronic components(vape cartridges), are the only exception. If the hardware of your vape cartridge is not functioning, it may be exchanged with packaging and the receipt.

  • Is Island Herb a medically endorsed retail cannabis store?


  • Will there be a medical cannabis consultant on staff during business hours?

    We have a medical cannabis consultant on staff everyday and educate our entire staff through the state approved medical cannabis consultant certification training program.

  • Are minors allowed to purchase medical cannabis?

    Qualifying patients between eighteen and twenty-one years of age with a recognition card may enter and remain on the premises of Island Herb and may purchase products for their personal medical use. Qualifying patients who are under the age of eighteen with a recognition card and who are accompanied by their designated provider (guardian) may enter and remain on the premises of Island Herb, but may not purchase products for their personal medical use.

  • I'm 18+, how do I get my recognition card?

    Come in with your designated provider (guardian) and an authorization form. One of our state certified consultants will enter you into the database and issue you a recognition card.

  • My child, under 18, was recently authorized to use medical cannabis. How do we get our recognition cards?

    Come in together with your authorization forms. One of our state certified consultants will enter you into the database and issue you both recognition cards.

  • What else should I know about Medical Cannabis?

    Disclaimer: Medical Cannabis Consultants are not physicians.

    Medical Cannabis Consultants:
    May not provide medical advice.
    May not diagnose any conditions.
    May not recommend changing current treatment(s) in place of cannabis.
    May not open and use actual products when demonstrating how to use.

    Medical cannabis consultants can:
    Enter a patient and designated provider’s information from the authorization form into the database and create the medical cannabis recognition card.
    Assist the patient with selecting products.
    Describe risks and benefits of methods for using products.
    Give advice on ways to properly store products and keep them safe from children and pets.
    Show how to properly use products.
    Answer questions about medical cannabis.