Our team

  • Colton

    Favorite thing about Cannabis: A bowl a day keeps the scaries away (:

    Something interesting about me: I make a mean Barbacoa.

    Favorite spot on Whidbey: Keystone Beach.

  • Rick

    Favorite thing about Cannabis: That stinky, stinky smell.

    Something interesting about me: I once won third place at the state fair in the melons category.

    Favorite spot on Whidbey: Ebey’s Landing.

  • Lucas

    Favorite thing about Cannabis: I love how cannabis helps to bring out my creative side.

    Something interesting about me: I’ve sat in ayahuasca ceremonies in the Amazon with indigenous tribes.

    Favorite spot on Whidbey: Greenbank farm. My puppy Lucy loves to play and run wild there.

  • Cassie

    Favorite thing about cannabis: I love how it seems to affect each person differently, but it brings us together in positivity.

    Something interesting about me: My imaginary friend as a kid was a snake.

    Favorite place on Whidbey Island: The bulkhead at Libbey Beach on a choppy day with some good tunes.

  • Eliza

    Favorite thing about Cannabis: The way it smells!

    Something interesting about me: In high school my best friend & I won the school pickleball tournament.

    Favorite spot on Whidbey: They’re all secrets!

  • Damian

    Favorite thing about Cannabis: I love that it can help people in so many different rather than just getting you high.

    Something interesting about me: I am a descendant of the founder of Coupeville.

    Favorite spot on Whidbey: Double Bluff Beach and Fort Casey!

  • Chase

    Favorite thing about Cannabis: I really enjoy seeing the difference it makes in peoples mental/physical state.

    Something interesting about me: I am the co-author of a book “FBI Word Search Puzzles: Fun for Armchair Detectives”.

    Favorite spot on Whidbey: Crocket Lake