We’ve all been there. You try a new edible or hit a dab for the first time and suddenly, you feel it. The room’s spinning, you can’t feel your face, and all you want is to get off this high. Cannabis is not a one size fits all substance. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and if you try something new or even inhale too deeply too often, you might suddenly find that your high is too much to handle. Fortunately, there are a few ways to handle the intensity of a cannabis high. Here are a few methods to help you chill out.

Don’t Panic

First things first, deep breath. This will pass. The high will fade, and if you keep calm, the worst thing that will come of your experience may be some embarrassing photos or panicked texts to friends. Keep in mind; there have been no reports of cannabis overdoses from all-natural cannabis. “Greening out,” i.e., getting too high, has no long-term effects and the worst symptoms should fade within a few minutes to a few hours. Find a quiet, comfortable space and try to sleep or meditate and ride it out. This too shall pass. We promise.

Distract Yourself

If resting isn’t enough to calm your racing thoughts, put on your favorite movie or TV show, pick up that video game you love, or play some of your go-to music. Make sure to pick something happy and upbeat, and the familiar rhythms of these pleasurable pastimes can help get your brain out of panic mode. Still can’t calm those racing thoughts? Grab a sober friend and go for a walk. Get your blood pumping and grab some fresh air while you’re at it. They’ll help distract you from the perils of the green zone.

Eat Something

Many people swear that taking a few sniffs of black pepper or even chomping on black peppercorn provides them with near instant relief. If you don’t have any black pepper on hand, try eating some light snacks and make sure to drink lots of water. Hydration can help you defeat the evils of dry mouth and keep you on track to feel great.

It’s always important to know your limits before trying any new substance. If you need help finding the right cannabis combination for you, stop on by Whidbey’s best cannabis shop. Our budtenders are super knowledgeable and excited to help you find something that works for you. You can even check out our menu before you head in to see if anything tickles your fancy. Stop in today!