In many ways, Island Herb is unique among dispensaries. Even if we do say so ourselves. We strive to be Whidbey Island’s best pot shop. From the moment you walk in our door, you can tell there’s something different here. Our owner, Lucas Jushinski, envisioned a space that felt warm and inviting rather than cold and clinical. He has brought this vision to life through creativity, color, and a great deal of art he’s handpicked over the course of his travels. It’s a space that’s open, airy, and welcoming of people from all walks of life.

“In many ways,” says Lucas, “the store is a true representation of who I am and the journey I’ve been on.”

It’s not just the decor that’s different though. An eight-year veteran of the Navy, Lucas’ path to Island Herb has been long and winding, and it started in a difficult place. After coming out of the Navy, Lucas dealt with PTSD and other combat related mental health issues. He began a course of conventional treatment. However, the drugs his doctors were prescribing left him feeling like a zombie. So Lucas explored his options. Cannabis was one of the alternatives he turned to, and as he began to utilize the plant’s healing properties, he slowly found relief from his symptoms.

After his own life-altering healing experience found through the use of plant medicines, Lucas decided he wanted to continue to spread the message of cannabis’ healing powers. This passion gave birth to Island Alternative Medicine, Lucas’ original medical dispensary. The store eventually grew to over a thousand clients and Lucas was blown away by the positive impact this humble plant had throughout the community.

“Clients would come in every day telling me their stories of healing. To see firsthand how cannabis has had such a positive impact on people’s lives is beautiful.”

It was these stories that propelled Jushinski forward when he opened Island Herb after recreational cannabis use was legalized in the state of Washington. He realized he had the opportunity to help even more people and he leaped at the chance to spread the news about cannabis. That’s how Whidbey Island’s best pot shop was born.

Though the store is now open to anyone who’s curious (21 and over), Lucas’ passion is still centered around those experiencing pain and suffering in their everyday life. He’s dedicated to spreading the word about the healing power of cannabis throughout both the Whidbey Island community and the veteran community. Not only that, but he goes out of his way to donate to organizations and events that have a positive impact on veterans lives. Cannabis has been a force for good in Lucas’ life, and he’s determined to pay it forward.

This passion translates to Lucas’ team. Each of whom goes through the medical cannabis program at Seattle Central Community College after they’re hired. All of his employees are approachable and, above all, able to answer any questions thrown their way. Lucas thinks this is key to both the success of the store and the wellbeing of his clients.

“Both the knowledgeability of the staff and the comfort and ease of the space help people engage in the experience. Ultimately, it’s the entirety of their experience at Island Herb that people appreciate: high-quality products, a safe comfortable environment and kind knowledge staff. These qualities are what makes Island Herb stand out and help people have a pleasant cannabis buying experience.”

And that, in a nutshell, is the Island Herb difference.

Check out our menu or stop on by and meet one of our Whidbey Island’s best budtenders today.

Lucas Jushinski