We’ve all been there. You’re in bed staring at the ceiling afraid to look at the clock because it’s way too late and you have an early day tomorrow, but sleep just won’t come. It’s a vicious cycle. The later it gets, the more stressed you get about falling asleep, the less likely it is that you will sleep. It’s terrible. Fortunately, there’s a little something called cannabis, and it can help you banish those sleepless nights forever. Let’s dive into why this wonder plant is so great for sleep.

Is it the Indica?

For many years, users believed that Indica plants were especially helpful in getting to sleep. However, no one is quite sure why. Cannabis researchers can’t find any hard and fast link to Indica plants and better rest, and yet, users consistently report that Indica strains are more likely to send them off to dreamland. This might be because Indica strains are higher in terpenes that are relaxing or for some other reason researchers haven’t been able to discover yet. Unfortunately, there is still a woeful lack of research on cannabis use. One factor that researchers have found is that aged cannabis tends to be more sleep-inducing than fresh cannabis. This is because when THC degrades, it transforms into the sedating cannabinoid CBN. So while it’s slightly misleading to say that all Indicas will help you sleep, it’s very accurate to say that many Indicas can help send you into sweet slumber.

So How Do You Find the Right Strain?

Instead of relying on a particular type of cannabis plant to get to sleep faster, feel free to ask a budtender about the best strains for sleeplessness. Everyone’s body reacts differently to cannabis so you might have to try a few strains to find the right one for you. To complicate matters even further, the way you consume cannabis can also affect sleep. If you want the effects to last a long time, go with an edible. Though be aware that it can take several hours for edibles to kick in. If you want something that doesn’t last as long or kicks in quicker, go with inhalation methods (vaping or smoking) or try a tincture.

Tips for Better Sleep

Cannabis is always better when it’s paired with a few common sense sleep aids. Make sure your room is dark enough. Unplug from electronics for at least thirty minutes before going to bed. Try chamomile tea or a few drops of lavender in a diffuser. Do everything you can to make sure your sleeping arrangements are as comfortable as possible and then try an edible or break out your vaporizer. It may take some experimentation, but great sleep is worth it.

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