Whidbey Island is a magical place. We have gorgeous coasts, cute coffee shops, great cannabis, and a herd of bunnies running loose around Langley. However, as wonderful as those things are, they aren’t what make Whidbey an amazing place to live and work. The truth is that it’s the people of Whidbey who make this island truly fantastic. From the fun and creative events that our local towns run to the numerous nonprofit organizations that help the community thrive, there’s really something unique about Whidbey. We feel truly blessed to be part of such an amazing community.

It’s the People

It was the people of Whidbey who welcomed us in when our founder, Lucas, first opened Island Alternative Medicine, Whidbey’s first medical dispensary in 2012. And two years ago, when Island Herb opened its doors as both a 21+ recreational and a medically endorsed retail store, the community opened its arms to us again. Lucas has a lot of pride in Whidbey. He muses, “One of the most amazing things about the island is the community. We support each other here. Whidbey’s one of those places where if you need something, someone will provide it.”

Giving Back

That’s one of the reasons we love to give back. We want to help keep the cycle of support and provision moving forward. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Good Cheer Food Bank & Thrift Stores to give them a matching $10,000 grant from Island Herb. Good Cheer is planning to use the money raised to support the organic farming initiatives that help provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the food bank. The grant also includes support for the Grow Whidbey Collaborative Garden Apprenticeship Program, which both teaches students from the South Whidbey school district how to cultivate a career in organic farming and helps keep their gardens looking ship shape! We love the many ways Good Cheer is doing good in the community and are looking forward to seeing how they transform and grow in the years to come.

We love contributing to the Whidbey community, and we’re always looking to meet new neighbors! Check out our menu or stop by soon to see some of the amazing greenery that’s been grown for us in gardens all over the state. And don’t forget! We’ve expanded our hours. We’re open from 8am-8pm every day of the week!

P.S. As another way to say, “Thank you!” and to celebrate our anniversary, we’re sponsoring a party! Join us for a BBQ and a vendor visit from Rogue Raven on April 21st from 1pm-5pm.